Archive Vol 1 | Issue 1 , January 2015

Cover Page

  •  An Analytical Study of Artificial Neural Network Application in Medicinal Field
    Narendra Kumar Sharma, Naveen Kumar Pandey, Anand Vardhan Shukla
  •  Automatic Ontology Acquisition and Learning
    Sanju Mishra, Sarika Jain
  •  Evaluate the Contents of Data Warehouse through Tool
    Nirmal Sharma, S. K. Gupta
  •  A comparative analysis of Moving object detection methods for video surveillance application.
    Pritee Gupta, Dr. Yashpal Singh, Dr. Manoj Kumar Gupta
  •  Trust Based Multi-Path Routing in MANETs
    Priya Mishra
  •  Proposed Optimization of Fuzzy Based Soft Classifiers and Assessment Accuracy using Entropy
    Ranjana Sharma, Achal Kumar Goyal, R.K.Dwivedi