Archive Vol 1 | Issue 2 , July 2015

Cover Page

  •  Framework Design of E Health care system for Cloud-Based EHR Service in Uttarakhand
    Mukesh Joshi
  •  Performance Analysis of ANN models for the prediction of I.T. Professionals Occupational stress Using MATLAB
    Naveen Kumar Pandey, Prof. Abhay Saxena, Dr. Ashutosh Bhatt
  •  Selection of Robust Topology Design in Constrained Environment for Wireless Sensor Network
    Pallavi Gupta and Vinay Prakash
  •  Classification of search engine optimization techniques: A data mining approach
    Nitin Duklan, Diwakar and Dr. Himanshu Bahuguna
  •  Web Testing of an e-Governance Application : A Case Study
    Sanjay G Kulkarni